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Feeling less-than-confident? Making art can help!

Maybe your manager is unhappy with your performance lately? Or a romantic partner made you feel like you are unworthy? Is it your instinct to feel bad about yourself and feed these feelings of rejection with deeper rejection of yourself?

Just remember, that you are human being and this is completely normal.  It is unrealistic to expect that we will feel our best 100% of the time. Like everything in life, this too shall pass. However, while we are in this phase of shittiness, what can we do to help ourselves feel better?

Look inside and discover where you are being overly judgmental of yourself.  What you are feeling now is a result of internal and external factors coming into play that nourish that nasty little voice inside of you called your inner critic. 

Your inner critic developed somewhere early in life as a result of your surroundings and early conditioning. Your inner critic constantly tries to tell you that you are not good enough and likes compares you to others. 

For me, art is a communication tool  that reflects back to me all the areas of my inner self that need some TLC.  Sometimes when I make art I don't feel confident.  My negativity creeps in and my inner critic tells me that I am not a good enough artist.  Moments like these are transformational, and teach me to let go and accept whatever comes up, including all the messiness and mistakes.

Confidence is a mindset. The more we believe in what we have to offer, the more we exude confidence.  The more confidence we exude, the more people respond positively to us, and our lives become richer.

Don't forget to constantly remind yourself how much you have to offer.  Through journaling and affirmations, you can actually re-train your brain to love and accept yourself just the way you are, with your perfect imperfections and all. 

Remember, life is a journey, not a destination.  Treat your art in the same way and enjoy the process of creating. 

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